The master bow-maker Stefano Benini makes historical bow replicas in different timbers, including yew, osage, elm, ash, laburnum and bamboo, both self or rawhide backed.

The most requested bow types are::

- The European flat bow;

- English longbow; made from Taxus baccata - European Yew, Osage orange or Olm

- - Longbow or recurve bow in Bamboo


In the pictures beside the section “Hamdmade Bows”, some models resulting in unique masterpieces, are shown.


Today he makes for others replicas of historical bows in various kind of timber, arrows and strength.

It is possible to make your personal handmade bow accordning to the wood type present each time.

He also accepts swaps, with other interesting models.     

As good yew or osage supply is becoming scanty, the most available material is tempered rattan and bamboo, for a cheap and durable model replicating the originals.


For more information e-mail me orto contacts or call: +39 338 1658861


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